Publish interactive blog posts and explorable explanations with Idyll's free hosting service.

June 26, 2018

Along with the release of Idyll version 3.0, today we are pleased to announce, a static hosting server for Idyll projects. The TL;DR is that you can now publish your posts for free, straight from the command line. It works like this:

1. Install the latest verion of Idyll

$ npm install -g idyll

This gives you access to the global idyll command. If you don’t have npm installed, follow these instructions to install it.

2. Create a new post

$ idyll create
$ cd my-post-name

The idyll create command will create a new folder and generate the basic file structure for your new post. Use cd to navigate to the newly created post folder.


3. Run the dev server

$ idyll

This will open the post in your web browser. Edit the fileindex.idyll to make changes, and your browser will automatically update with the changes. See the docs for more info.

4. Publish!

$ idyll publish

Publishing will give you a stable, shareable link to your post, hosted by If you republish after making updates or corrections, your link will be reused, so you can feel confident sharing it at any stage of the editing process.

These links are generated using your post’s name and a unique identifier. In the future you’ll be able to create a user account and use links that look like<username>/<post-slug>/.


We’d like to thank everyone who has helped us reach this milestone, including our contributors on GitHub and backers on Open Collective. Special thanks to Jeffrey Heer, Ben Clinkinbeard, Albert Wenger, Zachary Kaplan, and Ricky Reusser.

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